There are plenty of ways to get around in Gainesville, whether by the public bus system, biking, walking, driving a car or riding a motorcycle/scooter—any method is simple to figure out after learning a few tips.

To find out more information about these common ways students navigate Gainesville or to learn how to make a daily commute, continue reading:

RTS Bus System

RTS is Gainesville’s local bus system, and UF students pay a transportation fee as part of their tuition that allows them to take the bus anywhere on or off-campus. Routes run throughout campus and Gainesville. To ride, students must present their Gator-1 ID to the driver. For bus routes and maps, go to


Gainesville is a bike-friendly city. Students can use any of the bike racks located around campus for a convenient way to get to class, the library, or visit friends on campus. Cyclists must obey all traffic signs, lights, and signals, including the 20 mph speed limit on campus. It is important to always wear a helmet and observe traffic laws. In addition, when riding at night bikes are required to have a headlight and reflective taillights for safety.

Bike locks are another essential safety feature in preventing theft and should be used at all times on and off-campus. Off Campus Life also recommends registering your bike through UFPD. For more information visit the UFPD website.


On-campus parking requires a decal. The hours of decal restriction for most areas of campus are 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday. Without a decal, some areas are available for parking on weekends or after hours on weekdays. Be sure to read all signage before parking because some spots are reserved 24/7 for specific permits despite the designated parking lot hours. To purchase a permit visit the Transportation and Parking Services website. To purchase a parking permit, you will need your UFID, ufl email, home address, cell phone number, valid license plate number, and all outstanding citations and late fees must be paid.

Parking permits are virtual and are connected with your license plate.

Motorcycles and Scooters

Parking for scooters and motorcycles is available in several locations throughout campus but, like cars, they also require a parking permit purchased through Transportation and Parking Services. Scooter and motorcycle riders must obey all traffic laws, including the 20-mph speed limit on campus and they cannot ride on the sidewalk. Helmets are required to be worn by students under 21 years old but are recommended for all students. Locks are another important feature and should be used on scooters or motorcycles when parked. Off Campus Life recommends a throttle lock for scooters.


There are plenty of complexes and houses within walking distance of UF. Be sure to stay hydrated and keep an umbrella with you for the unpredictable Florida weather. For safety purposes, follow all crosswalk signals, stay on the sidewalk, don’t walk home alone in the dark, and always be aware of your surroundings.

Parking Off-Campus

Before you park off-campus check parking requirements at apartment complexes, local businesses, and street signs when parking in neighborhoods. Do not park in tow-away zones, fire lanes, or handicapped spots if you do not have a permit. See for more information.

Overnight parking for off-campus students is not allowed event with a Transportation and Parking Services permit. On-campus parking is not storage parking. Parking is typically available at your off-campus residence, but can include a monthly cost and will sometimes be limited. If you do not have available parkign and need overnight or storage parking for your vehicle the City of Gainesville does provide long term parking. Please visit the City of Gainesville website Home to learn more.